Technical Services to the Gas Industry

Complex Network


Utilities work can be a complex business but we aim for the highest standards by keeping things as simple as possible, making it easier to get things right first time. We’ve got a wealth of experience of both large and small utility companies as well as the industry economic regulator, Ofgem, covering a wide range of activities.

GIRS Certificate

Support, Advice and Audit for Utility Infrastructure Providers

We have a wealth of experience in the gas connections business and are a GIRS-registered design organisation meaning we can offer a network design service on behalf of gas utility infrastructure providers (UIPs). We also provide support, advice and audit to other gas connection organisations. Verify our GIRS registration on the Lloyds Register website here.



Our chartered engineer also offers SHEA (Safety, Health and Environment Awareness) training for gas, power and water utilities, and can offer other technical training specifically tailored to your needs.