Email and Telephone

E-mail or telephone

To ask about gas distribution networks, e-mail, or call us on 07751 212007 for a quicker response. By the way, if you do e-mail us rather than calling, please make sure when checking for a reply that you look in your ‘spam’ or ‘junk’ folder, as well as your ‘inbox’, just in case your e-mail system wrongly classifies our response.

Unlike so many other businesses, we really do get back to you when you ask us to.

Social Network

Social and business networks

Our Chartered Gas Engineer, Bob Beavis, can be contacted on LinkedIn.

Hive Cottage

Real-life location

As well as modern technology we still use the traditional postal system. If you want to send us anything, our address is:

Breckland Utility Solutions Limited
Hive Cottage
3 Worlington Road
IP28 7DY