Bob's Business Card

Established in 2018

Breckland Utility Solutions Limited was established by Bob and Tricia Beavis in May 2018 to support the design, construction, and management of gas supply networks. Bob and Tricia are both highly experienced, having worked in the gas industry for many years, and Bob is both a Chartered Gas Engineer and a member of the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers.

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Tricia Beavis’ Profile

Tricia began her career in the gas industry twenty years ago with Transco, now known as Cadent, using specialist network analysis software to assess the options for replacing iron gas mains networks with polyethylene systems. Tricia also used network analysis models to assess the impacts of adding new customer connections and proposing reinforcement solutions to keep the network within specific operating parameters.

Tricia has also worked for a pipe installation contractor and an independent gas transporter in a support and compliance role, maintaining high standards of records to satisfy rigorous health, safety, quality and environmental requirements and making sure technical staff were kept up-to-date with the latest training.

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Bob Beavis’ Profile

Bob is a chartered engineer with design, construction and management experience spanning over thirty-seven years starting as a British Gas apprentice and subsequently working on the national and local gas transmission and distribution networks.

He continued his education at the University of London gaining a first class honours degree in civil engineering and became registered as a Chartered Engineer through the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM).

Over the years he has undertaken and managed a wide range of engineering activities, including mains replacement, emergency response, building and using network analysis models, and designing engineering schemes to keep the gas network operating safely and efficiently. As well as having a long career with British Gas and its successors, he has worked for Utility Infrastructure Provider companies (UIPs) and Independent Gas Transporter companies (IGTs) in various technical and compliance roles. He is very familiar with the requirements of Lloyd’s Register utility accreditation schemes and has successfully achieved accreditation for contracting companies.

Complementing this work, Bob also worked in Ofgem’s central London office contributing to a team with a diverse mix of skills to set the new outputs-based RIIO-GD1 price control for the regulated gas companies.